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Jonathan De Menno of De Menno's Diary of Beer as seen in American Public House Review

Jonathan has a deep seated love of all things beer . . . and everything relating to human complexity and carrying on from the first hunter gathers through World War II.  His love of history has been going on for quite a while, It was his collegiate course of study and he went on to teach it there. With that interest for anthropomorphic arts, crafts and indeed repasts throughout time, he sensed something was missing in his youthful enjoyment of the hops and barley. A friend introduced him to the world of fine brewing and the imported libations of the old masters. Jonathan was hooked. He burned with a passion to find out everything he could about beer. He inbibed the lore of the styles, the process of their creation and the unique characteristics of each and every brew. He delved into the mysteries of fermentation himself, brewed, drank and read his way to knowing, understanding, and loving everything there is about beer. Jonathan has had the pleasure to turn his fanaticism into a profession surrounded by the tawny, earthy elixir and its purveyors every day. And we are indeed privileged to benefit from his tutoring, insight and recommendations.

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