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London is one of those few cities defined to some extent by its pub community.  Like Dublin, and to some extent New York and Boston on this side of the Atlantic, when many people think of England's seat of power they think of a publican’s nirvana. 

Tower of London as seen in American Public House Review
The Tower of London

There are, quite literally, volumes written on the subject of London’s staggeringly numerous and vibrant taverns and public houses.  So many of them in fact, that proper pre-travel preparation is a near impossibility.  But one thing I have learned in my years searching for the perfect pub is that no matter how hard you look you will never find it.  The perfect pub needs to find you.

I popped in and out of quite a few pubs in my two short days in London.  In almost all of them the beer was exquisite and the atmosphere welcoming.  I found many I would happily recommend to the thirsty traveler, but like I said, you will never fully fall in love when you are looking for love.

We had come to Britain for the football, and to London to see my beloved Tottenham Hotspur play.  But whenever I travel I do enjoy me a bit of the touristy fare, and at the top of my list was the Tower of London.  We had been drinking and singing (yes, in England you sing for 90-plus minutes at a football match) for a few days, so we were a tad bit tired to say the least when we made it to the tower.  Plus, it was January so the temperature was not entirely conducive to touring a city and a castle on foot. 

So after a few hours of English history, consisting mostly of horrible stories about executions of mostly innocent young women told in as witty and lighthearted a manner was possible, it was certainly time for a drink. 

The agreed upon itinerary called for us to adjourn to a local pub after touring the Tower grounds.  Without knowing exactly which direction to head, we wondered up towards the A100 and gazed around.  And could we have found a more fitting place than one named The Hung Drawn & Quartered?  Not likely.

I must admit I was somewhat struck by the almost flippant attitude towards torture and brutal execution shown by tourists and tour-guides alike at the Tower of London.  I rarely find the horrific actions of royalty amusing.  But for some strange reason, with the actual site of said horrors only steps away, it works quite well as a pub’s motif. 

The Hung Drawn and Quartered somehow strikes the proper balance between the lunacy and the awful.  There is little gallows humor to be found here, and everything is presented rather tastefully, all things considered.  While it may be to some at least, disconcerting to enjoy a tasty pint of ale while a noose hangs ominously overhead, to others, its just the way of things around these parts.  Let us not forget that public executions, the descriptions of which are often stomach-churning to say the least, were perhaps the single most popular form of public entertainment in their heyday. 

Picture at Hung, Drawn and Quartered in London as seen in American Public House Review
Always endeavor to keep your head in stressful times!

And it is hasn’t been lost on me that I traveled thousands of miles, at an enormous cost, to sit amongst thousands of fellow fanatics to watch 22 millionaires, somewhat ego-maniacal, players prance around a grass pitch kicking a little round ball to a chorus of rabid fans which, on more than one occasion in many places around the world, has turned into deadly violence.  So instead of an autographed jersey or a replica trophy, perhaps it is altogether fitting for a pub in this particular location to pick the theme it has chosen.  I mean, after standing in the London rain for hours and cheering for a hanging, one must have worked up one a hell of a thirst.  And if The Hung Drawn and Quartered were around centuries ago, I suppose it wouldn’t be too far off a medieval equivalent of a sports bar, proudly hanging its hat (excuse the pun) on the local’s most popular spectator event.

Dragon and barrels at Hung, Drawn and Quartered ib London as seen in American Public House Review
Make your own caption.

Hung, Drawn and Quartered in London as seen in American Public House Review
Hung, Drawn and Quartered in London

The bar at Hung, Drawn and Quartered in London as seen in American Public House Review

Taps at Hung Drawn and Quartered in London as seen in American Public House Review
Dosen't get much better than Fuller's

Sign at the Hung Drawn and Quartered in London as seen in American Public House Review

Noose in Hung, Drawn and Quartered as seen in American Public House Review
Neck ties are optional

Hung Drawn & Quartered

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