December, 07's JOURNEYS SHARED offering is a Holiday-themed poem that our Publisher, Chris Poh penned about 33 years ago when he was a young whippersnapper. The sentiment still stands.


I am not sure that I believe in Christmas.
I have not put aside this day for peace or love.
I have, though, put aside a day for Bing Crosby
and the breaking in of new clothes.

For most of us, Christmas is anti-climatic.
What little peace and love that may be found in that moment
is quickly stored away in hearts
like decorations in boxes
left hidden until next year.

So for you I wish only
a merry Bing Crosby
and a happy breaking in of new clothes.
As for peace and love,
I wish you this
all the other days of the year.

Chris Poh, circa 1974

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