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Missiles of October ass seen in American Public House Review
The Missiles of October at play in The Marine Room Tavern



American Public House Review's publisher, editors, technicians, authors, artists, poets, and all manner of creative types are revealed to the world.

Poh's Privateers thumbnailOUR PHILOSOPHY OF COMMERCE  . . .  The Editors

The marketing arm of AMERICAN PUBLIC HOUSE REVIEW lays out the business practices that allow the publication to be economically viable while providing market rate compensation to its contributors.

Chris Poh thumbnailFROM THIS PUBLICAN'S PERCH . . .  The Publisher

Chris Poh shares his monthly commentary about this issue of AMERICAN PUBLIC HOUSE REVIEW and all thing pertinent to the pub community.

Marine Room clockTHE INESTIMABLE MARBAR  . . .  Jim Rue   (

Jim takes us to Laguna Beach, California to experience the unique charm of THE MARINE ROOM TAVERN; that rare pub which has sufficient soul to collect artists, patriots, and bohemians alike within its warm and welcoming walls.

Ale Mary's nun picture thumbnailJESUS RETURNS TO FELLS POINT   . . .  Chris Poh

Chris, Fran, and their longtime friends; Jack and Kathy take a trip to Baltimore and belly up to the bar in ALE MARY'S, a quintessential neighborhood pub that, at the same time, expresses an undeniably unique character.

Twisties coconut head thmubnailSTRATHMERE WITH A TWIST . . . John H. West III

John travels to Strahtmere, New Jersey and introduces us to TWISTIES TAVERN, a bayside pub that reflects the laid-back attitude of this small, out-of-the-way shore resort. It retains  the character of  the mid-twentieth century Jersey shore and boasts some mysterious curiosities.

Cuckolds Light as seen in American Public House Review A BOOTHBAY HARBOR WELCOME. . . David McBride

David visits Boothbay Harbor, Maine. He can't help but wax nostalgic about its beautiful seascape of rock ledges and sparkling water.  David shows us the historic Cuckolds Light and shares a fine Maine ale at the lovely THISTLE INN. 

Dennett's Wharf as seen in American Public House Review BY THE SEA - MAINE STYLE   . . .  Paul and Carolyn Hanczaryk

Paul and Carolyn drive up to the Penobscot Peninsula in Maine to the nationally registered town of Castine. This scenic, sea-side town is home to the Marine Maritime Academy, to an early American military legacy, and to the charming DENNETT'S WHARF RESTAURANT AND OYSTER BAR.

Fort George as seen in American Public House ReviewCASTINE'S REVOLUTIONARY LEGACY . . . Paul and Carolyn Hanczaryk

From their bar stools at Dennett's Wharf, Paul and Carolyn expound on the rich military history of Castine, Maine and on the role that the Penobscot Peninsula played in the struggles which helped to forge our country.

Music for you to enjoy as you review the REVIEW

December's Featured Artist:  
Missiles of October as seen in American Public House Review

THE MISSILES OF OCTOBER'S  Featured Album:   hope
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    .  .  .  .  .  .   HOPE

.  .  .  .  .  . THE BOYS

Missiles of October's Hope as seen in American Public House Review

And, for our Special Holiday Selection:

John McCutcheon on Rounder Records John McCutcheon's
"Christmas In the Trenches"

Courtesy of John McCutcheon & Rounder Records, plus YouTube and the contributors of these video treatments of this classic and historic ballad.
Christmas In The Trenches ~ John McCutcheon
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And the same song, along with a touching story:

Use YouTube Controls to view more related videos and hear other versions of this classic ballad.

Audio files are offered courtesy of the artist with the understanding that they may not be copied, republished, or redistributed in any format without the expressed permission of the performer and/or their recording  label.

American Public House Review joins all Americans in celebtrating the 74th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition


On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the U.S Constitution was ratified, repealing Prohibition. The manufacture, sale, and possession of alcoholic beverages is no longer illegal in the United States.

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AMERICAN PUBLIC HOUSE REVIEW wishes our readers, our contributors, our advertisers, and their families a holiday season overflowing with good cheer !

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